These are the candidates who have qualified as #EducationCandidates based on their responses to our questionnaire!

Read individual candidates’ questionnaire responses here.


Rubric. Image of Pencils that says "For your information candidate grades were based on such factors as:

Approach to elected office as an opportunity to create meaningful change

Level of knowledge regarding problems perpetuating educational inequity

Alignment with BEE on the issues

Explicit Commitment to meet with those directly affected by inequity

*grading is not a perfect science - we encourage you to read the questionnaires and form your own opinions!*

Jon Baron (Final Grade: C)

Jon Baron Education Candidate Placard

Peter Franchot (Final Grade: B)

Peter Franchot Education Candidate Placard

Ashwani Jain (Final Grade: C)

Ashwani Jain Education Candidate Placard

John King (Final Grade: A)

John King Education Candidate Placard

Tom Perez (Final Grade: C)

Tom Perez Education Candidate Placard