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Rushern Baker

Jon Baron

Disclaimer: By no fault of the campaign or candidate, Jon Baron submitted his questionnaire later than other candidates who were invited to the forum (BEE’s original outreach did not include Mr. Baron’s campaign because of an oversight on our part). Because this mistake was on the part of our volunteer team, and not the candidate or campaign, and because Mr. Baron still returned his questionnaire in a timely manner, he has been invited to participate in the candidates forum on 6/21.

Robin Ficker

Peter Franchot

Doug Gansler

Ralph Jaffe

Ashwani Jain

Wes Moore


The Wes Moore Campaign submitted their questionnaire on Friday, June 17 – more than 24 hours after form submissions were formally closed – and almost two full months after the original deadline of April 18, 2022.
Although numerous outreach efforts were made to the Wes Moore campaign, where the original, updated, and “absolutely final” deadlines were communicated, the Wes Moore campaign did not make this questionnaire or the #EducationCandidates forum a priority.
Because of this, they were not invited to participate in the forum, though the campaign indicated they had a scheduling conflict which would preclude participation.
We are publishing their responses in the interest of being transparent, but we hope that, if the Wes Moore Campaign should succeed in their aspiration to the office of Governor, that Mr. Moore makes Baltimore City Public Schools and the myriad issues which intersect with public education a clearer and more urgent priority.

We are still missing questionnaire responses from the following candidates:

Dan Cox (click to tweet)

David Lashar (click to tweet)

Kelly Schulz (click to tweet)

Jerome Segal (candidate is not on twitter)

Joe Werner (click to tweet)